I.M., 45, London U.K.

Clara is a compassionate, exceptionally insightful coach and I have benefited hugely from our sessions. From our first session, she created an environment where I felt at ease and this was maintained throughout our coaching. Her encouraging, caring nature, coupled with her ability to ask deeply reflective questions, created a safe container within which to explore the existential aspects at the heart of our coaching. This created shifts in my awareness of myself, which has translated into noticeable changes. In particular, the experience of being coached in nature helped me gain a fresh perspective and our coaching walks quickly became a highlight of my weeks. I would unreservedly recommend Clara as a skilled and supportive coach and I am extremely grateful to have been coached by her. “

J.Z., 29 Spain

When I first started working with Clara, I wasn’t sure what exactly I’m looking for. I vaguely knew some experiences in my life are missing and so I was hoping to explore ways to reclaim a familiar way of living that I somewhat lost. Working with Clara has been a thought-provoking and enlightening experience. Clara has been present, authentic, and supportive to my process of exploration and making sense of my experiences. I felt heard and understood. Clara used creative questions that helped me to explore who I am, what my priorities are and how to make my life more meaningful. She created warm and comfortable atmosphere where it was easy to relax, take a step back and look at my situation from different perspectives. She had a gentle way of challenging me to consider alternative perspectives, and to respect and address some emotional challenges I’ve been facing. As a result of working with Clara, I now have a clear action plan as to how to arrange my life in a way that is supportive to making each day meaningful and feeling like there is something more to my life than a mundane, everyday routine.”

A.F.C., 56, New York , USA

I was coached for six weeks this summer by Clara. I was dealing with very upsetting family drama and I was incredibly hurt by my father and brother. My father has always prioritised my brother, and I was hurt emotionally and financially, and I was consumed with frustration, the unfairness of it all and sadness. We had also just been told that my father has blood cancer and is going to die. My family lives in another country and I had to fly across the continent and quarantine alone for 2 weeks because my father asked me to come, while my brother was mad that I came. Clara is amazing. She is so calm, wise, and insightful. During the sessions Clara would feed back to me things I had said in previous sessions, which made me feel heard and understood. Clara challenged me, without any judgement, and I felt safe and vulnerable at the same time.I was working through my family relationships, my past, my present, and my future. Through the six weeks of coaching I managed to reflect on me, who am I, what do I want and need, and what is my narrative and what would I like it to be? I became more comfortable with who I am. The biggest test to the usefulness of coaching is when you sustain lasting results. I was “tested” the other day by my brother and I could clearly see Clara in front of me, and instead of letting emotions and temper guide me, I took a deep breath and asked my self “Who am I” and “am I doing what I am?” I realised that I really got something very valuable out of the coaching, other than the fact I was able to forgive my father, I felt authentic, and I was able to see my brother for who he is, without integrating his bad behaviour. I finally learned to be and do the same thing. Thank you, with so much appreciation!

 E.V.M., 28 France

I am deeply grateful to have shared part of my self-development journey with Clara. Clara has a calming energy and our coaching sessions became the perfect space to safely have an inward exploration. Throughout our sessions I was able to shift my anxiety and impatience for the future into a grounded peacefulness – which has been way more useful in order to deal with what was making me feel stuck. Clara showed great professionalism throughout our sessions and I found her questions and techniques been perfectly adapted to what my needs were. What was actually making me feel stuck was my lack of awareness around the self and finding out what some of my important questions actually mean has been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend anyone looking to give sense and meaning to their life (or parts of it at least) to work with Clara.

R.T., 43, Dorset, U.K

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to take up the coaching with Clara. I found the approach refreshing and really enjoyed getting out in nature. Linking in with nature made a huge difference for me and despite not being able to be together I was surprised at how well the sessions went. I feel that I maximised my time with you and you helped me find new ways of thinking enabling me to adapt my approach to difficult situations. Being outside is fundamental to finding my happy place it is where I am able to process my thoughts and calm my anxiety, you harnessed this and helped me channel these thoughts and experiences to gain the most positive outcomes. The hour sessions explored my feelings, outlook and challenged my thinking. There were some days I felt particularly low yet after our sessions I would have a positive outlook and feel like I could take control of the day again. I continue to utilise the tools you gave me to help manage not only my work life but in my everyday home life too. I cannot thank you enough for your input and expertise!”

R.V., 35, London, U.K.

Clara is a wonderful human and an empathetic coach. She creates a beautiful comfortable space which she holds in sympathy for whatever matters most in the moment. She asks questions and challenges both the rational and the creative mind to explore things further. By working in tandem with the natural environment you get to make correlations and discover things beyond your own natural thinking. I definitely recommend Clara for her warm exploratory coaching.