Climate coaching

I woke up, one morning with a busy mind, the buzzing was loud and heavy. My mind was looking for an anchor, looking to make sense, it felt like being.. stuck in a bee hive, a capitalist bee hive perhaps: loud buzzing, crowded space, racing demands, a shrinking body and mind, my humanity lost in competition, achieving by any means, lost in survival mode. The comfort of the known was there too, it was warm and predictable. Outside though, there was a whole world..outside the hive, there was space, space for my body, for my mind and being to expand, a space where I could spread my crumpled limbs and maybe attempt to fly, an unpredictable, unknown, maybe wondrous world, home to me and all my kind.

We often create metaphors and storytelling when we need to hold that which is difficult, traumatic, unspeakable and when treading on shaky grounds. The one above helps me put into perspective my feelings on how, we as humans, got stuck in an overly human-centric living, somewhat ‘split from the more-than-human-world’ (Hawkins, 2017). While we’re still trying to understand the human-centric epoch we might be in now (the anthropocene), there is no doubt anymore about the threat of climate decline and the looming tipping points for our life supporting systems (see here for a good article on climate tipping points). As humanity is journeying into a new narrative of existence, we recognise more that we are undeniably part of the wider systems of nature, physically and beyond, this is one of our existential givens. As we move forward, our ability to hold the ‘big’ and find meaningful action, will determine how we will weather global crises yet to come. But where do we each stand in all of this? How do we move forward? How can we hold the big when in our everyday life so much is competing for our attention? And further on, how can we find new ways of enjoying life, being on and with our Earth respectfully, responsibly, lovingly?

Climate coaching has emerged, as a reaction to these questions, to how to move forward from the stuck-ness of the climate crisis, as individuals, organisations, as humans? As we are having a hard time breaking away from our current story, our ways of thinking, lifestyle and ways of being, denial, cognitive dissonance and systemic forces are holding us in their grip. There is both urgency in the climate crisis and opportunity.. and we see the contribution that each of us, from the space we inhabit, is having, to the story of climate change. For me, aligning the big principles with my everyday life, has been a challenging journey, one which is bound to continue, but as I pondered my contribution further, I found a beautiful continuation of our story of humanity, in ‘returning home’ to nature’s space, both for comfort and for moving on with honesty and creativity.

I would like to focus, via climate coaching, on supporting individuals and groups towards getting unstuck and nurturing existential creativity during climate crisis. I will thus facilitate, a space for grieving, for processing emotions and paradoxes, getting unstuck from numbing, dissonance and climate related distress. Then a space for finding ‘ease in the risk’ and nurturing creativity in times of crisis, a space for designing and sustaining meaningful, brave action towards a more sustainable living on Earth.

In a nutshell

What is climate coaching about? A space to explore and alleviate climate related distress, nurture creativity, construct new possibilities and empower meaningful action.

Why: to design meaningful living more in alignment with the wider systems of nature we are part of.

For who: Individuals, leaders, organisations, with high awareness on the challenges of the climate crisis, seeking to gain comfort, clarity and direction.

How: 1 to 1 sessions, in person or online.
Following our first encounter and assessment, sessions will take place outdoors; we will engage in green exercise congruent with you (usually walk and talk, hike and talk),  in person or online. Nature elements will be allies in our conversations continually connecting us to the wider reality we are part of. 

What I specialise on: posttraumatic growth, green exercise for growth, climate distress, existential distress, existential creativity and growth. 

Main approaches I use: existential-phenomenological approach (Van Deurzen, 2019) in creative alliance with nature, embodiment and green exercise, compassion focused therapy (Gilbert, 2013), mindfulness, systemic coaching (Hawkins, 2019).

Where: outdoors mostly. In person sessions mostly take place in a radius of 30 miles around Sevenoaks, Kent in beautiful countryside or in London, in parks and woodlands. 

The Greenspace Psychologist

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