Outdoors sessions

Space for body. Space for mind. Space to be.

Intuitively, we know that nature’s space is amazing for gaining perspective, opening our minds and research shows that spending time in nature brings strong physiological and psychological benefits (Cooley et al, 2020). More understanding on the green space as a therapeutic space but also as a space for growth, is surfacing . Therapy for trauma and distress is no longer reserved for the space of a counselling room and even more so, we are opening the doors to thriving, a life well lived and new ways of growing after adversity. In my recent research on posttraumatic growth through green exercise, I had the privilege to hone in on how people, who went through trauma, can experience growth via nature connectedness and green exercise.

The greenspace often means ‘home’, a safe space to heal, soothe and belong to. It is a space for the body to transform. When we exercise in nature we heal the body and access a more action focused language for healing, restoration and growth. Nature’s space allows the mind to heal in more embodied ways, intrusive rumination and emotional distress melt away via the body’s processes, new perspectives in nature and through the array of positive emotions and nature immersion we experience. More so, being in nature’s space allows for existential reflection and growth, the being, connecting and making sense of big life questions. This leads to spiritual growth, often a non-religious form of spirituality, as connectedness to nature and all life.

In this space, I will be a fellow traveller, another human being navigating through life, someone who will utilise her psychological and coaching skills, her honesty, curiosity, creativity and her own being in the world, to aid your exploration, healing and the making of new meanings. I will hold the space for you to explore, to be brave and honest about how you live, how you are in the world and then further about how you want to be in the world. Being in nature’s space, we will improve physical health and embodied strength, increase self regulation and get to grips with distressing mental health issues (managing stress, anxiety, depression, rumination, moving on from trauma), leading to a more emotionally resilient, self aware and stronger, more creative you.

In a nutshell

What is the outdoors coaching space about? A space to explore emotional barriers, psychological stuck-ness, to heal from distress and construct new meanings, in alliance with nature.
Why: to heal and transform in an embodied way, to renegotiate life’s paradoxes, tensions and conflicts and to create more owned, free ways of living in the world.

How: 1 to 1 sessions, in person or online.
Following our first encounter and assessment, sessions will take place outdoors. We will engage in green exercise congruent with you (usually walk and talk, hike and talk).

What I specialise on: overcoming psychological distress via nature (stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma), posttraumatic growth, green exercise for growth, climate distress, existential creativity and growth.

Main approaches I use: existential-phenomenological approach (Van Deurzen, 2019) in creative alliance with nature, compassion focused therapy (Gilbert, 2013), mindfulness, positive psychology tools, embodiment and green exercise.

Where: outdoors mostly. In person sessions mostly take place in a radius of 30 miles around Sevenoaks, Kent in beautiful countryside or in London, in parks and woodlands.

The Greenspace Psychologist

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